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June 16, 2017
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June 21, 2017
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Menstruation is a natural phenomenon in a girl or woman’s life that occurs every month after 28 days cycle. There are many taboos related to it that impose certain restrictions on women in those five days of the month. These taboos associated with menstruation directly or indirectly impact the mental state as well as the lifestyle of women affecting their socio-cultural life.

Are These Restrictions Really Needed?

First taboo associated with menstruation in India is even the mentioning of it. No matter how educated the society is asking for sanitary pads at the shop is still considered shameful and still, these sanitary pads used to be wrapped in the newspaper before handing them over. Moreover, women are considered to be dirty and impure during these five days of the months prohibiting their participation in many social activities, but actually, according to science, the cause is ovulation that results in the release of blood from endometrial vessels due to missed chance of the pregnancy. So, there seems no reason in this that women are impure during the menstruation.

Women are prevented from entering the kitchen during these days as it is believed that food gets contaminated because women are dirty and unhygienic, moreover it is also believed that the body of women emit bad odors during these days which spoils the foods and that’s why women are prevented from touching pickle too. However scientifically there seems no connection between the food spoilage and menstruation.

Need to Handle the Myths By Spreading Education

Even there are some myths prevailing in the society related to the dietary habits of the women during menstruation. Women are asked not to eat the sour foods like curd and pickle as it may disturb their cycle of periods. Even in some parts, it is believed that if a woman touches a cow during her periods that cow will become infertile. Moreover, in some backward regions still, when the women start menstruating they are made to drop out of school.

Menstruation is just a biological phenomenon and there is a need of carrying out campaigns related to it so that biological facts or good hygienic practices are adopted by the women instead of passing on traditional cultural taboos and restrictions to be observed.

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