Top 5 Period Tracker Apps To Make Your Life Easy

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June 21, 2017
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Top 5 Period Tracker Apps To Make Your Life Easy

HECTIC is the word that comes to everyone’s mind when you try to describe the modern-day lifestyle of any woman. While every one of us is busy dealing with the office assignments, home chores (because of patriarchy!), college activities, etc. etc., we tend to forget to understand our body needs and warnings. This super fast style of living has made a huge impact on our body and particularly on our menstrual cycle. Now it has become challenging to keep track of your menstrual changes under day-to-day workload pressure.

Since we are so technology savvy generation periods apps comes handy to this situation. From the plethora of so many different period tracker apps, we have listed five cool apps here. Check it out!

1. Period Tracker, My Calendar

One of the highest rated period calendar tracks your menstrual cycle, ovulation, and the chance of conception. With customize notification text, it reminds your period date, ovulating days and contraceptive pills reminder. You can even backup and restore your data through Google account.


2. Spot On

This one is a cool, friendly app and great with educational stuff. Not only you can track your period calendar, but it also helps you to track your blood flow, symptoms, and some helpful activities. The smartest feature has to be the birth control reminders in which if you miss taking a pill the app will guide you to what to do next. Also, warns you when you are ovulating.


3. Pink Pad

Not a typical period tracker! It helps you to join an integrated community all around the world along with your period calendar. The app lets you connect, support and exchange health and lifestyle related issues through messages. Through charts representation, you can see visual progress in this app.


4. Kindara

This app has some knowledgeable stuff beyond basic period calendar and ovulation days. It provides you the information about how to manage pre-menopause, health conditions like PCOS and can track your basal body temperature.


5. Period Tracker Clue

Period Tracker ClueClue is one interesting and progressive app for a change. With the feature called, ”It’s not pink,” the clue team try to include the needs of transgender men who are typically excluded from periods discussion. Under 28 tracking categories, including cramps, emotions, skin, hair, sleep, cravings, it creates a single platform to track a lot of problems.


Happy Periods Ladies!!

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