How to Deal with Those Cramps During Periods

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June 16, 2017
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June 16, 2017
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Some women undergo serious kind of cramps during their periods. They feel unbearable pain in the lower abdominal, but there are many ways to treat this pain. You can go for the medications like ibuprofen or can even try some home remedies while suffering from the pain. These cramps are caused by the contractions of the uterus. As the lining of the uterus releases “prostaglandins.” These can even increase the contractions if released in large amount which causes cramps. The Even release of this substance too large extent can even lead to nausea and lightheadedness.

Here is a list of some of the ways that can help you to deal with those cramps:

  1. Planning ahead: If you are someone who gets cramps every time in those periods, planning ahead of the periods will also help a lot. You can start taking over ibuprofen one or two days ahead of the start of the periods. Moreover, it is highly recommended that you should not wait for your period to get worse but you should start taking the medication well in advance so that you do not need to suffer from the intolerable pain.
  2. Giving heat: Providing heat to the lower abdominal can reduce the cramps to large extent, take a hot water bottle and give the heat through it or you can even treat yourself with a bath in warm water that relaxes your body and lets you treat yourself too.
  3. Exercise: It has been seen that those you exercise daily for 15-20 periods have undergone leg pain and cramps as compared to those who does not undergo any kind of exercise.
  4. Getting enough sleep: Try to get enough sleep in the days prior to the periods and due to which those days will also undergo smooth sailing.
  5. Contact your doctor: If despite trying all these home remedies the pain still remains intolerable then you should see a good doctor. You can use a tracker to track the symptoms for 2-3 months after these recorded symptoms you can visit your doctor to get the best treatment for yourself.

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